Export - Business opportunity

Do you want to start a new carrier? A new business? You running your own shop or you are wholesaler? Or maybe you just want to make some extra money for yourself? This offer is for you!!!

Toys! At this moment toys are, and they will be the best article for sale. Why? Because children love to play. They are learning through playing. They are spending most of their time with toys in nursery, in kindergarten, in school or in home. Toys are everywhere in our life. We believe that the best way of learning is fun. Children should be teaching during the time they play and our company offers them simple and creative toys in basic color to better understand the world from the beginning of their life. Everybody loves to buying toys for kids but nobody like to spending money on poor quality. That is why my offer is the best choice. Toys offered by my company are the best quality you can get; they are made from high quality plastic.

We offer play sets, licenses products for kids. Toys intended for the youngest children. The consumer tests confirm the broad functionality and security of used components.

Cars and play streets, various thematic sets that can be connected for playing. Educational toys are teaching youngest to remember the emergency number 112.

Garages, the possibility of mergers to create the route in both vertical and horizontal. Licensing products of reputable petrol station like BP. Gig size and ingenious packaging make them a perfect choice for a gift.

Trucks, realistic appearance of vehicles. Every vehicle has movable parts of the body, rich color palette. Designed to play at home and in the sandbox, large size of the cars make them look very attractive, strong and safe, perfectly imitating the real construction vehicle. Some of the trucks have stunning dynamic load capacity (up to 150kg) and huge size (up to 1,2m length).

Educational toys, made of highest quality plastic, playing with bricks building up child’s imagination and helps mastering their manual abilities.

Toys for girls, product safe for contact with food. The dishes can be washed in the dishwasher and for heating food in the microwave. Summersets made of high quality and durability. IML system was used to provide high durability of graphics. Big number of shapes and sets. Kindergarten products have antibacterial D2P™ technology in order to protect the surface hygiene area, effectively preventing the accumulation of bacteria throughout the life of the product. Determination of antibacterial activity was performed for compliance with ISO 22196 The toy is part of the contemporary market standard and respond to the expectations from parents of young children conscious attention to health and safety. The product is recommended for the playground in hospital, hotels or kindergartens.

All products have CE mark and colourful boxes with safety and manual instruction given in English and many other languages so easily can be sold all over the world.

Now a few words about prices. My company is VAT registered so all prices will be given as a net prices. Plus PP (packaging and postage) to fully understand I will show few simulation of the total cost of product depending on your tax status.

If you don’t have a company
Net price + 23% VAT + PP = your price

If you got company and you are not VAT registered company
Net price + 23% VAT + PP = your price

If you got company and you are registered VAT payer (must have GB number in front)
Net price + PP = your price

It is very important that you got UE VAT number. According to European law both traders have to got UE VAT number starting with letters GB in England, PL in Poland etc. To sell or to buy without tax.

All sale is always on invoice given in English in GBP currency. A price depends on quantity, current exchange currency and PP . All delivery are insured.