As a certified company, we specialize in the construction and modification of transmission lines (water, ice water, process water, CO, DHW, gas, compressed air, black or gray sewage, etc.) in pressed technology (clamped) in the diameter range from 12mm to 108mm from materials such as copper, black steel, galvanized black steel or stainless steel, pex etc. The solution is especially recommended where there is a risk of explosion or fire as well as wherever the process of welding pipes is not required, but the time and cleanliness of the work carried out is very important . Of course, if the medium requires a welded pipeline, we can make any pipeline from steel or stainless welded or bolted aluminum pipes. In addition, we can offer pipe insulation service using any technique (foam, wool, rubber), in addition, insulation of tanks, filters, etc. The topic of pipelines is worth mentioning ventilation, recuperation, exhaust gas extraction, chimneys, filters, etc. devices that exchange or filter air we can also do for you.

For our clients, we can also make any electrical or teletechnical / optical fiber installation in the building or as external connections. We are able to perform the entire underground or ground infrastructure, including the installation of wells and columns. In addition, as a certified company, we can offer our customers a service to secure the passage of pipelines, cable routes, etc. through the so-called fire walls (walls or partitions designed to prevent the spread of fire / fire in a given time) In this case, we use only materials HILTI company.

The Clevertools company will easily provide you with all kinds of fencing of part of the hall for specific purposes or as fencing of machines or robots according to the Machinery Directive and OHS regulations. Color horizontal, vertical lines, lookup boards etc. or descriptions of pipelines / valves are also no secrets for us.

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