About us

The company exists since 2008, however in 2014 it changed its name to CLEVERTOOLS and since then has specialized in technical and engineering support of companies. In 2019, we introduced a quality management system and obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

CLEVERTOOLS has the right experience and the right knowledge to meet all orders. We have our own equipment as well as a production hall and transport. We use the best consumables. We obtain materials from the best suppliers to meet the clients' requirements. Construction, renovation, assembly, service: pipelines, tanks, filters, pumps, etc. in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical plants, sewage treatment plants and mines. An additional advantage of our company is having our own construction department, therefore we are able to make any project, modify an existing one or make a prototype of any object, device or structure.

Due to the dynamic development of the company, we have highly specialized professionals in our ranks of employees, including our own quality control and welding department. All these employees have appropriate rights to perform their duties.

We invite you to cooperation.

Our projects